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kidsmin policies


Thank you for taking the time to look over these updates to our policies.
We appreciate you being mindful of these policies, as they ensure the safety of all children.

Parents/Guardians must check-in and accompany each child to their class.

Parents/Guardians must remain on campus during service.

Victory Kids closes 15 minutes after service is dismissed.

Policies effective October, 2017.

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  • JUNE 10TH & 11TH


  • KINDERGARTEN & 5TH GRADE change environments

Shift Weekend is when all of Victory Kids move up a grade level. For most of the students in Victory Kids, advancing a grade level will not effect the location of their classroom or chapel experience. However, Kindergartners & 5th graders will shift to a different environment.  

Below is a list of completed grades and the environment they will be moving in to.


Kindergartners will move upstairs to the 3rd Floor Elementary Chapel. June 10th & 11th will be their first weekend upstairs. All Kindergartners will officially move up to 1st Grade! In the 3rd Floor Elementary Chapel, our new first graders will join a small group or "team" just for them. Their caring leaders will make sure that their transition upstairs is comfortable and easy.
For more information visit the Elementary Page here.


5th Graders will move to Victory Youth & attend weekend services with their families. June 10th & 11th will be their first weekend out of Victory Kids. Our oldest Elementary Students have graduated! We are sad to see them go, but we know there are big things in for them in their future. 5th Grade is moving up to Victory Youth, which meets every Wednesday night at 7:00PM in the Victory Youth building at 2702 E 81st St. The 5th Graders first service at Victory Youth will be June 14th.
For more information visit

& 1st - 4th

Nursery & Preschool classes are age-based and will remain in their current classrooms. 

Elementary Students in completed Grades 1st - 4th will remain in the 3rd Floor Elementary Chapel. However, they will join a new small group team for their new grade.

Questions or concerns?

Change is a big deal! We want to make this process as easy as possible for your students. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask a staff member or team member this weekend. Or you can give us a call or shoot us an email via the contact page. We will be happy to help!

Vision for 2017

Our heart for 2017:

This year, we have been inspired by the statement, "Fight for the faith of every kid at every phase" from the book, It's Just a Phase by Reggie Joiner and Kristen Ivy.  We are passionate about loving and teaching your kids about Jesus, and our goal is to grow as a Kids Ministry by doing the following in 2017.

Make It Stick

As we ask ourselves, "How can we better partner with the Holy Spirit to connect what we are teaching to the heart of the child,?" we know that we must be continually innovating our ministry. We are striving to create active involvement for each child where understanding God's Word and His love is truly taking place. We also realize that we only have your children for a small part of their week, so it's our desire to create something that you can use a a family to spur on conversations, activities and FUN for the whole family!

Pull Them in Tighter

Church = Family , and we are excited that this year we have focused our efforts on increasing the safety and connection of our entire ministry. Safety is our first priority, and we started 2017 with moving all of Kids Ministry into our Kids Building with only one entrance. We also know that kids learn better when they feel safe AND connected, so it's our goal to create opportunities for your child and your family to connect to others through service elements, such as TEAM TIME, as well as Preschool Playdates, Family Nights and Lobby activities for your whole family.

Empower Them to Find the Value

We are excited to have a volunteer team who loves Jesus and loves kids! It is our goal this year to continue to train, equip and empower our team so that our kids ministry continues to grow in new and excellent ways & our volunteers grow and develop their God-given strengths and abilities. 

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