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A Series on telling others about Jesus!

  • June 2017 

We kick off our summer by diving into Jesus' final commandment to us... to Go! Our first series of Summer '17 focuses on missional living and telling the world about Jesus. Following Jesus' commandment to Go isn't some huge and unattainable task, it's really quite simple to follow. We can tell others about Jesus anywhere, whether that's our home, local playground, school or even to the uttermost bounds of the earth!

Big Idea:

"I will Go!"

Memory Verse + Motions:

He said to them, Go (Point forwards)
into all the world (Trace a circle above your head)
Preach (Hands by your mouth like we are "shouting")
the good news (Both thumbs up)
to everyone (Cross both hands in front of you)

Mark 16:15