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How Ya Feelin'?

  • JULY 2017 

We are so excited for our second summer series! For the month of July, we will be learning all about our emotions. The reality is that everyone deals with emotions, both negative and positive. Through the series "How Ya Feelin'?," our students will learn how to rely on God rather than on their emotions. We will be covering feelings like Happiness, Anger, Humbleness, Love, and much more! 



Each week we will focus on a different emotion, and learn about dealing with each emotion healthily. Each weekend we will be learning "How to be _______." (Fill in the blank with emotion of the week)


 How you made me
Point to yourself

Is amazing
Right thumb up

And Wonderful
Left thumb up

I praise you for that
Both hands lifted high

Psalm 139:14
Hold hands open like a book