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Be Light


We are so excited to launch this brand new series! "Be Light" is an exciting series where we will look at people in the Bible who let their light shine in a powerful way!


I will be light!


You're here

(Point with both hands straight in front of you)

to be light,

(Both hands popping open from a closed fist)

bringing out the God-colors in the world.

(Use both index fingers to start above your head and make a big circle while bringing your arms down)


(Right hand point up to God)

is not a secret to be kept.

(crossing your arms back and forth with palms down)

Matthew 5:14-15

(Your hands like you're opening a book)

Big Idea Slide

Big Idea Slide

Memory Verse Motions

Memory Verse Slide

Memory Verse Slide

Take Home Series Card

Take Home Series Card